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New members are always welcome. Anyone interested can come along to three free trial lessons to find out more.

About Us

About Sale Karate Club

We are a karate club in Sale and have been teaching traditional Japanese karate to adults and children since 1980's. We practice shito-ryu karate and are members of the Shitoryu Shukokai Karatedo World Union ​and the English Karate Federation. Shitoryu Shukokai Karatedo is one of the most dynamic and successful schools of karate. It developed in the universities of Osaka and Kyoto and is renowned as a fast, fluid and powerful style. As a martial art, the central aim of karate is to teach self-defence. Taught in the traditional way, karate also teaches so much more: conflict avoidance, dealing with bullying, improving self-confidence, respectful behavior, increasing fitness, strength and health... It is a very rewarding way to have fun! We welcome beginners and experienced practitioners alike to join us

Our services

Whether you’re brand new to martial arts, or a longtime practitioner looking to brush up on your skills, there’s a class for every ability at our martial arts studio. We aim to create a friendly environment in our classes, to allow you to reach your goals in a safe space. You’ll benefit from expert training from a professional instructor in any one of our classes.

Experienced Instructors

We understand that starting a new sport can be intimidating, so our specialist Instructors are trained to put you at ease. When you join one of our classes, our instructors will work with you to establish your current level of skill and physical fitness, then they’ll suggest adaptations to moves to ensure that you’re getting a great workout and perfecting your technique. Most of all, though, our staff put an emphasis on learning whilst also having fun.

OUR CHIEF INSTRUCTOR Our Club Chief Instructor is Bob Kurzweil Sensei, 4th Dan. Sensei Bob Kurzweil has over 20 years of teaching experience and was graded to the rank of 4th Dan (4th degree black belt).


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  • Good for children

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